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FAQs - Freedom of Information

What is FIPPA?

FIPPA stands for the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and as of January 1, 2012, hospitals will come under this legislation. FIPPA provides individuals with a right of access to certain records and protects personal information under the custody or control of Hospitals that are covered under the Act. 

What Information/Records Does This Act Apply To?

FIPPA provides access to information that is recorded, or that can be made into a record, where in print, audio or electronic form, including:

  • paper, electronic files and documents
  • emails (including those on networks, desktops and personal devices)
  • photographs, video and audio recordings
  • non-final drafts and working notes
  • expense claims/accounts
  • minutes of meetings, agendas and communication books
  • handwritten notes and personal notes
  • spreadsheets 

What is a Freedom of Information (FOI) Access Request?

An FOI (or access to information) request is an official written request for information from an organization under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

What Records Are Not Covered by The Act?

Personal Health Information is subject to the Personal Health Information Protection ACT (PHIPA) legislation and is excluded from FOI legislation. In addition, records subject to the Quality of Care Information Protection Act (QCIPA) are excluded.

Other exclusions include:

  • Administrative records of a regulated Health Professional re: personal practice
  • Records re:  operations of a hospital Foundation
  • Records re: charitable donations made to the hospital
  • Records re:  the provision of abortion services
  • Records re:  certain appointment, privileging matters with Physicians
  • Certain records respecting or associated with research (including clinical trials)
  • Certain records of teaching materials
  • Certain records re: ecclesiastical matters

How Do I find Out What Information HPHA Has?

An Inventory - General / Personal Infomation Bank is available online and contains a listing of all records under the custody and control of the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance. Or call the Privacy & Information office at 519-272-8210 Ext. 2736.

Do I Need to Make a Formal FOI Access Request in Order to Obtain Hospital Information?

Some hospital records may already by available to you without making a request in writing under FIPPA. Browse this website or contact the Privacy & Information Office at 519-272-8210 Ext. 2736.

How Do I make a FOI Request?

FOI access requests must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a $5.00 fee to the Information & Privacy Office. For further information please click How to Make a FOI Request

Who can make a FOI access request?

Any person, organization or company can make a request for access to general records. A person includes individuals and organizations such as corporations, partnerships and sole propietorships. The right of access is not limited by citizenship or place of residence.

Individuals may submit access requests for their own personal information.

If I make a Request, is My Identity Protected?

If/when you make a request, your identity will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Information & Privacy Office to which your request was submitted. 

When can I Expect a Response to an FOI Access Request?

In most cases, you will receive a written response to your FOI access request within 30 days after the form and fees are received. You will be contacted by the Information & Privacy Office confirming your request. In some cases, the timeline may be extended due to the complexity of the request.