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Blood Donor Clinic - St. Marys
4 p.m. to 8 p.m. / Pyramid Rec Centre
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At any given time in Ontario, 1,500 men, women and children are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant.
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An ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to study structure and anatomy of organs, monitor pregnancies and identify blood clots in deep veins.

Ultrasounds are safe, radiation-free and non-invasive.

Ultrasounds are performed at the following HPHA hospital sites:

  • Clinton Public Hospital - Basement Level
  • St Marys Memorial Hospital - Main Level, South Wing
  • Seaforth Community Hospital - Main Level
  • Stratford General Hospital - East Building, Level 1

HPHA offers a wide variety of ultra sound exams ranging from abdominal ultrasounds to ultrasound directed biopsies.

Why Choose to have an ultrasound at HPHA?

  • All HPHA hospitals use the exact same ultrasound equipment so that you can be confident of the same diagnosis no matter where you attend your appointment.
  • Our Philips iU22 ultrasound systems generate superior quality images to support a more confident diagnosis.
  • Our highly skilled sonographers (ultrasound technologists) are required to go through a government accredited education program, pass American and Canadian registry exams, maintain certification with Sonography Canada and/or ARDMS, enroll in ongoing Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, and participate in intra hospital education rounds.
  • HPHA ultrasound staff, radiologists and administration are committed to providing the highest level of ultrasound care. Our modern facilities, professional setting, and patient-centered philosophy will ensure you have a positive experience at every turn; from registration to final report.
  • We are proud to be industry leaders in transvaginal (internal) probe ultrasound High Level Disinfection. We use state of the art Accreditation Canada approved Trophon aerosolized hydrogen peroxide disinfection units. You can rest assured that any probes that come in contact with you are cleaned according to the latest most stringent government standards.




Abdominal Ultrasound
Abdominal exams use high frequency ultrasound waves take pictures of the abdominal organs....  
Pelvic Ultrasound
A pelvic ultrasound evaluates the bladder and reproductive organs. ...  
Integrated Prenatal Screening (IPS)
IPS provides a woman with her personal risk factor of having a child with certain chromosomal abnormalities (such as Down’s syndrome) and open neural tube defects (such as Spina Bifida)....  
Obstetrical Ultrasound
Routine Obstetrical ultrasound screening is carried out between 19-21 weeks to evaluate the uterus, placenta and fetal anatomy and growth. High Risk Obstetrical Ultrasound may be performed any time during your pregnancy....  
Breast Ultrasound
Breast ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to image the breast. ...  
Vascular Ultrasound
Vascular ultrasound uses high frequency ultrasound waves in conjunction with Doppler technology in order to evaluate blood vessels throughout the body. ...  
Thyroid & Neck Ultrasound
Thyroid and Neck Ultrasound evaluates the thyroid gland, parotid and submandibular salivary glands, and neck lymph nodes...  
Testicular / Scrotal Ultrasound
Testicular ultrasound is the use of high frequency ultrasound waves to image the testicles, scrotum and related structures...  
Brain & Spinal Ultrasound
Brain and spinal ultrasound is performed on babies up to one year of age....