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<February 2018>
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Proposed Executive Compensation Program

The Government of Ontario has introduced new requirements that Broader Public Sector Employers must meet when establishing executive compensation programs, meeting the requirements of the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act and its Executive Compensation Framework Regulation.

As an Ontario Public Sector employer, the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) Board of Directors has developed a proposed Executive Compensation Program with consideration of the need to attract and retain the very best leaders possible in order to deliver high quality patient care while managing responsibly. The program applies to the HPHA President & CEO, Vice-Presidents and Chief of Staff, and was developed following the Regulation’s requirements to include compensation philosophy, salary and performance-related pay caps, comparative analysis details and other elements of compensation.

The HPHA Board of Directors values the feedback from our community members and has now posted the proposed Executive Compensation Program for the required 30-day public consultation period.

Community members are welcome to provide feedback on the proposed program via email to compensationfeedback@hpha.ca

Public feedback may be submitted until February 18, 2018.

Next Steps:
Once the public consultation has concluded, the HPHA is required to submit its proposed final Executive Compensation Program to the Government, along with summaries of the public feedback received. The final Executive Compensation Program will be posted on the HPHA’s website following the appropriate review and completion of the approval process.

For further information, please visit the Government of Ontario’s Broader Public Sector Accountability website - https://www.ontario.ca/page/broader-public-sector-accountability