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Program Profile: Eating Disorders

February 1, 2019

HPHA's program for eating disorders was established in conjunction with the London Health Sciences Centre and we have enjoyed a supportive partnership with them for a number of years.

9 Truths About Eating Disorders

  1. You can't tell by looking at someone that they have an eating disorder.
  2. Families are not to blame.
  3. Families can be the best allies in treatment.
  4. Eating Disorders are not choices but biologically influenced mental health issues.
  5. Eating disorders affect all genders, ages, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic statuses.
  6. Eating Disorders carry an increased risk of suicide and physical /medical complications.
  7. Genes play a role in eating disorders but environment also influences development.
  8. Genes are not destiny when it comes to eating disorders.
  9. Full recovery from eating disorders is possible.

The first step in the recovery process is realizing that our food and weight-related behaviours are hurting us, rather than helping us. Once that realization has been made, there are a variety of ways in which help can be found or offered to those suffering from an eating disorder.

There are many different kinds of food and weight preoccupations included in eating disorders. Registered Dietitian Joy Guthrie works with individuals and groups de-mystifying issues relating to dieting, food, weight and shape concerns, self-esteem and body image. To do so, she helps clients look at those influences that most contribute to how they feel about themselves. The Eating Disorders Program provides advocacy, healthy lifestyle activities and programs, treatment and facilitates connection with self-help/support group. Typically Joy works with individuals suffering from anorexia, binge eating and bulimia who experience challenges with food and weight issues. She offers Group, Individual and Nutritional Counselling.

The Eating Disorders Program is an outpatient program that can be accessed by referral from a doctor, service provider, or self-referral. The cost of services are covered by provincial health insurance. Services are available to adolescents and adults - both female and male - and individuals identifying with LGBTQ community.

If you or someone you love is struggling with eating related issues contact our program at 519-272-8210 ext. 2554 or contact the Helpline and Crisis Response Team at 1-888-829-7484, our one number access to all mental health services.