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Patient, Family and Staff Experience

To read more on the various ways to provide your feedback please click How to Provide Your Feedback

The Patient, Family & Staff Experience Feedback 

The Patient Experience Feedback process at HPHA provides patients, their family members and/or caregivers with an opportunity to express compliments or discuss questions and concerns. We encourage patients, family members and/or caregivers to provide feedback so that we can better understand your care experience. Learning from your experience is a valuable part of our continuous quality improvement program that helps us improve the way we deliver care. We encourage you to complete our patient & family feedback survey that is available upon discharge. You can also access our new Electronic Patient & Family Experience Survey

Our Patient, Family & Staff Feedback Framework

The Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) is committed to seeking feedback from patients, family members, and staff that contributes to a culture of exceptional patient, family and staff experiences. The HPHA views observations, complements, personal experiences, complaints and/or concerns from patients, families and visitors, as a valued source of information regarding the perception of the Alliance environment, and the quality of the services and care provided. Staff feedback helps us focus on processes that will improve quality of work life. 

To read more about the HPHA Feedback Framework click HPHA Feedback Framework

Our Patient, Family & Staff Experience Framework

The Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) identified Person (PCC) as a priority in 2009 with a goal to develop an approach that ensures the principles of PFCC are embedded into everything we do. During this time the organization was adopting Lean methodology with a goal to sustain continuous improvement at all levels. Embedding “process optimization” (PO) into the culture became a second priority. It became evident that a framework was needed to blend these two concepts and create a culture where the HPHA lived the principles of PCC and PO every day.
to read more about the history click Patient Experience PFCC History Document

NEW Patient Experience Dashboard

HPHA Patient Experience Dashboard - Q1 2019.20 ALL SITES

HPHA Patient, Family, Caregiver & Staff Experience Framework

HPHA - Patient, Family and Staff Experience Framework

Patient Experience Annual Report


Patient, Family, Caregivers & Staff Framework Policies


Our Patient Partners

The HPHA is committed to providing the best possible patient and family experience. We do this by partnering with our Patients and their Families and/or Caregivers.

What is a Patient Partner?

A Patient Partner are community members that have been a patient, a patient’s family member or caregiver who has experienced care at any of the four sites of the HPHA. A Patient Partner is interested in sharing their perspectives based on their lived experience. They ensure that the voices of the patients and families are heard, considered and included.

What is the Patient Partner Role?

Patient Partners share their valuable insights and first-hand knowledge of how services impact patients and their families. They serve in a volunteer capacity and work together with staff, leaders and physicians to acknowledge both exemplary care and areas for improvement. They also provide input and influence on the policies, programs and practices that impact the quality of care and services that individuals and their families receive at HPHA. 

To read more on Patient Partners please click How To become a Patient Partner

If you have a complaint / concern or any questions/comments please contact the Corporate Lead Patient Experience & Privacy at:

Telephone:  519-272-8210 Ext. 2423
Email: mailto:patientexperience@hpha.ca
Mailing Address:
46 General Hospital Drive
Stratford, ON   N5A 2Y6