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Save Precious Time: Mark's Story

October 29, 2021

When somebody is having a stroke, every second that goes by is crucial. As brain tissue and millions of neurons begin to fade away, time could not be more precious.

We’d like you to meet Mark. He is 51 years old and he survived a stroke in February 2021. He knew the signs and symptoms of stroke and called 9-1-1. This important call allowed him to arrive at our designated Stroke Centre, Stratford General Hospital, in time to receive tPA which is a clot busting medication that helps restore blood flow to the brain.

After spending time on the Critical Care and Integrated Stroke units Mark was then transferred to our Seaforth Community Hospital site to participate in rehabilitation, relearning the skills he lost due to the stroke. Today he is at home, having been supported by our Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team.

Mark is extremely grateful for the care he has received from team members across the HPHA during his stroke journey. This video was important for him, as it was a way for him to say “Thank you” to his care team.

We hope you can take time to watch his story and help spread the word about signs of stroke and what to do if you experience them.

Remember the acronym FAST

  • Face is it drooping?
  • Arms can you raise both?
  • Speech is it slurred or jumbled?
  • Time to call 9-1-1 right away.
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