About HPHA

The Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) is dedicated to ensuring that our services are accessible for all patients, visitors and staff.

We are committed to:

  • The continual improvement of access to all hospital premises, facilities and services.
  • The participation of people with disabilities in the development and review of our Accessibility Plan
  • The provision of quality services to patients, visitors, staff and members of the community with disabilities

It is important that you can fully access our services without barriers. Please talk to someone on your health care team about your accessibility needs. Your experience matters to us.

Accessibility Plan

Read HPHA's latest Accessibility Plan.

Read HPHA's latest Status Report.


Accessibility: Persons with Disabilities Policy

HPHA's Accessibility: Persons with Disabilities policy contains information about assistive devices, communication, service animals, support persons, notice of temporary disruption of services, training, feedback and notice of availability of documents.


Tel: 519-272-8210 ext. 2499 | Email: learning@hpha.ca