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Huron County

Where on Earth is Huron County?

Ontario's West Coast, or Huron County, is a little off the beaten path, nestled on the shores of Lake Huron, the third largest lake in the world.  Despite it's rural setting, it's easily reached from most Southwestern Ontario cities.

  • From Toronto - 2.5 hours
  • From Kitchener-Waterloo - 1 hour
  • From London - 40 minutes
  • From Sarnia - 45 minutes
  • From Windsor - 3 Hours
  • From Stratford - 45 minutes 
In Huron County we're serving country living realness.  Nothing too fancy, more of a favourite jeans paired with an old t-shirt in bare feet kind of vibe.  Oh, you'll definitely find lots of nice things and quality places while you're here, but pretentiousness and fancy airs are not how we roll.  In fact, we prefer to keep it simple.

Take a look at the latest Huron County Visitor's Guide! 

Community Information: Clinton  / Seaforth 


Perth County

Historic architecture, unique shops and rural landscapes provide the ultimate backdrop to build your life here. We’ve welcomed newcomers from around the world to build their lives and businesses with us. Our communities offer an abundance of recreation, volunteer and cultural opportunities to fill your days and nights. 

All roads lead to Perth County

  • From Toronto - 2 hours
  • From Kitchener - 45 minutes
  • From Ottawa - 6 hours
  • From Hamilton - 1.5 hours
  • From London - 1 hour
Take a look at the latest Perth County Visitor's Guide!

Community Information: St. Marys  / Stratford