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After 60 years of providing care Stratford’s original hospital, now known as Avon Crest, closed in 1950 with the opening of the Stratford General Hospital located across the street. Avon Crest then operated as a convalescent facility from 1955 to 1990. Outpatient services and administrative offices resided in the building until 2018 when they were also moved to Stratford General Hospital leaving the Avon Crest building vacant.

Increasing maintenance costs associated with a building constructed in 1889 has made the continued operation of the building unaffordable. The limited funding the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) receives is directed to providing healthcare services and not restoration of vacant buildings.

HPHA envisions the Avon Crest site as a future healthcare asset for the community and hopes to achieve this by maintaining ownership of the land with future development by a third party. In February 2020 a Request for Solutions was issued that aimed to identify qualified groups interested in partnering with the HPHA to develop the property in a manner that would both respect the heritage significance of the building in future development and bring significant value to the community’s health and wellness system. No interested parties provided submissions to this request.

HPHA proceeded to obtain an estimate for the redevelopment/restoration of the main Avon Crest building, excluding additions, to restore the building to its 1900s exterior along with making the interior compliant with current year building codes as well as functional for commercial activities. The order of magnitude estimate was approximately $24 million.

In response to concerns from the community HPHA commissioned an environmental study on the potential greenhouse gas impact of demolition of the building. The report indicates that the greenhouse gases emitted by demolition will be approximately half of the gases the building emits annually.

Request for Solutions

Order of Magnitude Estimate

Environmental Analyses

Community Concerns

Land Lease Agreement

On March 27, 2023 The Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) and Revera Canada announced their intention to enter into a long-term Land-Lease Agreement that will allow Revera to build a new 128-bed Long-Term Care Home on the Stratford General Hospital property, on space currently occupied by the Avon Crest building. This transformative project is aligned with the primary accountability of the HPHA to provide local, high quality, accessible health care.

Full details can be found here. 


November 2023 

Timelines for demolition and site restoration have been adjusted. Demolition will begin the week of November 13, 2023 . Subsequent crushing, backfilling and site restoration is expected to be completed mid-December. Demobilization by the contractor and removal of site safety fencing should be completed by late December. 

June 2023 

After review of seven qualified bids, the abatement and demolition of Avon Crest has been awarded to Budget Environmental Disposal Inc.

Before the abatement and demolition process begins, historically significant features of the building will be removed and donated to the Stratford Perth Museum. This will include fireplaces and the original stone-carved lintel sign over the main entrance.

Removal of all of the hazardous materials (abatement) will be completed before the building is taken down. Abatement is expected to take over a month.

Complete demolition and site restoration is expected to be completed by late-October. Through this process 10,000 of the original yellow bricks will be preserved in hopes that they will be used for any new development on the site.

The demolition of Avon Crest is in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements posing no risk to the public, local residents or surrounding environment.

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