About HPHA

Compensation agreements are based on the complexity of our health care system, the experience of the person in the job, comparable postings and demands of the position.

HPHA’s Executive Compensation Program applies to designated executives which include the:

  • President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Vice President, People and Chief Quality Executive
  • Vice President, Partnerships and Chief Nursing Executive
  • Vice President, Performance and Chief Financial Executive
  • Chief of Staff

This compensation program is also compliant to legislative requirements set out by the Government of Ontario including:

  • Salary and performance-related pay is capped at no more than the 50th percentile of appropriate comparators;
  • The rate of increase to the executive salary and performance related-pay envelope is capped at the maximum rate of increase approved by the overseeing minister;
  • Designated employers must obtain approval from their overseeing minister on the comparator organizations used to determine salary and performance-related pay caps and the maximum rate of increase that could be applied when determining their executive salary and performance-related pay envelope;
  • Certain compensation elements, such as signing bonuses and pay in lieu of perquisites, are prohibited; and
  • Designated employers must engage in public consultation to enhance the understanding and transparency of their executive compensation decisions.

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