About HPHA

Patient Safety is our top priority at HPHA. We promote a culture of safety that protects patients from harm.

Our Patient Safety Plan outlines a comprehensive program that will ensure our people, policies and procedures and performance are aligned.

It is designed to support and align with our Commitments to Our Communities Strategic Plan priorities, our Quality Improvement Plans and ongoing quality and patient safety initiatives.

At HPHA our Patient Safety Plan is also guided in large part by compliance with and adherence to Accreditation Canada’s Required Organizational Practices by focusing on their six patient safety domains and to the principles espoused by Safer Healthcare Now, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices. We also recognize the work of other accreditation bodies informing work in the HPHA such as: Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH) focused on Laboratory Accreditation and Ontario College of Pharmacists Accreditation Program.