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Thank you for your interest in joining the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) as a Patient Partner.

The HPHA is committed to providing the best possible patient, family and caregiver experience. We do this by partnering with our Patients, their Families and caregivers.

What is a Patient Partner?

Patient Partners are community members that have been a patient at any of the four hospitals sites of the HPHA, or a patient’s family member or caregiver. A Patient Partner provides important perspectives and unique thoughts based on their lived experience. They ensure that the voice of the patients, families and caregivers are heard, considered and included in hospital planning.

Patient Partner Opportunities

Patient Partners share their valuable insights and first-hand knowledge of how services impact patients and their families. They serve in a volunteer capacity and work together with staff, leaders and physicians to acknowledge both exemplary care and areas for improvement. They also provide input and influence on the policies, programs and practices that impact the quality of care and services that individuals and their families receive at HPHA.

Patient Partners may become involved in:

  • Story Sharing – sharing their hospital and care experiences with staff, physicians, leaders and other patients
  • Committee Membership – by having direct input and influence in committee meetings with staff, physicians, leaders and other Patient Partners, working together to identify and resolve issues that result in improvements to the quality of care and patient experience. In addition to patient care issues, Patient Partners provide input into organizational processes, facility design, education, research and patient safety.
  • New Hire Corporate Orientation Participation
  • Committee Participation: Quality, Program Councils, Medical Advisory, Patient Partnership Council, HPHA Board of Directors, Ethics, Infection Control
  • Stroke to Stoke Peer Visit Program
  • Project Involvement long and short term
  • Designing and revising Patient Education
  • Participate on interview panels with leaders
  • Patient Experience Surveying

There are many ways to participate. We match Patient Partners based on their interest, experience and availability.

Examples of outcomes related to patient, family and staff engagement:

  1. Chemotherapy patients were waiting 90 minutes to find out blood work results regarding whether their treatment could start or if they would need to go home. With feedback from patients and staff the blood work turn-around-time was reduced from 90 minutes to 20 minutes
  2. Autism kits were created based on a mother's feedback regarding her experience with her son; these are now being used in all Emergency Department and outpatient settings
  3. Improved discharge instructions for before and after minor surgical procedures

Interested in becoming a Patient Partner? Apply today!


At HPHA we recognize the importance of partnering with our patients and families to meet the needs and priorities of the communities we serve. If you are interested in applying, you may do so by completing the form below or by sending in a print version.

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Printed applications can be dropped off at your nearest HPHA hospital site at Switchboard/Patient Registration or at the Patient Experience Office at the Stratford General Hospital site (Room W1-217).

You may also mail your application form to the address:

HPHA Patient Experience Office
46 General Hospital Drive
Stratford, ON N5A 2Y6

Contact Information:

Michelle Jones, Corporate Lead Patient Experience & Privacy

Tel: 519-272-8210 ext. 2737 | Email: michelle.jones@hpha.ca