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Connecting the Dots for Caregivers

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There are an estimated 3.3 million caregivers in Ontario – nearly a third of the population – and we know these numbers are only increasing. A caregiver is defined as a family member, friend and/or neighbour who provides unpaid personal, social, psychological and physical support, assistance and care, for family members and friends in need. This support can be provided for any length of time.

Connecting the Dots for Caregivers was one of four Changing CARE projects funded by the Change Foundation. From 2017-2020, frontline healthcare providers have worked together with local caregivers to co-design and implement a series of tools and resources to better support caregivers in their journeys.

Locally co-designed resources include:

  • Time to Talk Toolkit – Helps caregivers to recognize themselves as caregivers
  • Who to Call in Huron Perth Card – Includes key phone numbers to use in a crisis and to connect with local services
  • Caregiver Identification Badge – An advocacy tool for caregivers to wear or carry
  • Healthcare Journey Binder – Templates to help caregivers and patients manage their journey
  • Caregiver Guide & Videos – Education on seven key topics for caregivers
  • caregivershuronperth.ca – Helps caregivers and healthcare providers find local services, programs and resources

All resources are available for download at caregivershuronperth.ca

These are also available in the HPHA Corporate Patient & Caregiver Resource Office please call 519-272-8210 Ext. 2423 for more information. 

Click here to download the Connecting the Dots a final project summary.