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A Team Dedicated to Supporting Buildings & People

February 02, 2023

HPHA’s Facilities Management (FM) team is responsible for ensuring the functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of our hospital sites' environment.

The primary responsibility of this team is to install, maintain and manage our physical assets. The FM team is currently comprised of 16 skilled tradespeople including specialties such as plumbing, HVAC and refrigeration, electrical, millwright and bio-medical technology. A group of administration staff works hard to keep the department running smoothly.

FM team members Nick and Ron  

Nick & Ron 

While the FM teams are primarily located in the basements of our hospital sites, you’ll find team members all over the facilities, both inside and out! They could be working in mechanical spaces around the hospital, in patient rooms repairing light fixtures, or even outside on the roof working on equipment! No two days are the same for this team due to the sheer number of work order tickets they receive – in 2022 it was 22,642! This includes planned jobs like preventative maintenance and equipment repairs, or demand work orders that require immediate attention and action. Tickets that involve repairing important building systems that help provide services and room comfort for patients are the highest priority! This ensures that patients are receiving the best care possible.

FM Team members Brent and Darryl

Brent & Darryl  

The last few years have not been without its challenges. The shortage of licensed workers in the trades has been affecting the team’s ability to recruit new members. Supply chain issues have also posed issues as the delivery of parts have been delayed or halted completely.  

Even while facing these challenges, the team is optimistic and looking forward to a new year! Some large projects that are wrapping up include the installation of four new air handling units in Clinton and upgrading the sprinkler/electrical systems in Seaforth. And while those projects are coming to an end, new projects are popping up like the St. Marys Patient Room Renewal Project and the Chemotherapy Unit and Pharmacy Department renovation in Stratford!  

Do you know someone who has a trade license and an interest in helping people? The Facilities Management team is currently hiring a permanent full-time Electrician and a temporary full-time Plumber!

Members of the FM team at Stratford General Hospital 

L to R:  Alex, Jay, Alex, Paul, Habib, John & Andy