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Q & A with a Dialysis RN!

March 06, 2023

Alexa, RN works on the Dialysis Unit at Stratford General Hospital. She joined the HPHA team in July 2018. Let's get to know a bit about her!

Alex, RN stands beside a dialysis machine 

Favourites: Colour: Green, Vacation Spot: Grand Bend, Music: Pop, rock and some country, Food: any dessert, Holiday: Halloween 

What made you enter your field of work?

I really enjoy helping people and learning. Nursing seemed like a good mix of these things. When I was younger I had a number of ear surgeries and really admired the nurses that cared for me and helped to make me less nervous.

What motivated you to join HPHA?

I grew up in the Stratford area and have always wanted to work in a smaller community.

Can you share your career path at HPHA?

I had my consolidation at the Seaforth Community Hospital and then started my career as an RN there in 2018. Since May 2021 I have worked in the Stratford Dialysis Unit.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that I get to have long-term relationships with my patients and that I can be an ongoing support for them. I also love being in a small unit with amazing staff that works towards making our patient’s quality of life as good as possible.

What are your favourite ways to spend your free time?

Hang with my dog, go for walks around the river, go to the beach, spend time with friends and family.

What are your short and long term career goals?

I would like to continue to work full time in the Dialysis unit at Stratford General Hospital. I would like to write my Nephrology Nursing Certificate when I am able.