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New Faces at Clinton Public Hospital

March 06, 2023

Our Clinton Public Hospital Inpatient Unit is home to an incredible group of nurses, personal support workers, unit clerks and allied health team members.

This team is a group of dedicated individuals who work hard everyday. We are so lucky to be able to provide such exceptional care to our community.

Jessica and Danielle, both recent graduate RNs, are two of the newest members of the Inpatient team! Let's get to know a bit more about them and give them a warm welcome to HPHA!

Jessica, RN and Danielle, RN 

L to R: Jessica and Danielle 

Why did you want to become a nurse? 

Jessica: I love science and people and nursing is the perfect combination. I also find it rewarding to help people during hard times and provide comfort and support to them and their loved ones. 

Danielle:  I have always had a calling to help people and nursing seemed like the best fit.

What interested you in a position with HPHA? 

Jessica:  I grew up with an HPHA hospital servicing my hometown and wanted to work for an organization that values its patients and staff while providing service to small communities.

Danielle:  I started my nursing career in Long-Term Care home and wanted to find a local hospital where I could expand my nursing skills.

Why did you choose the Clinton Public Hospital site?

Jessica:  I have been interested in rural nursing for a few years.  I  grew up in a rural area and experienced the healthcare system firsthand.  This gave me insight into the type of work involved. Healthcare delivery to rural areas can be difficult and I am passionate about aiding in that delivery.

Danielle:  I live in the rural community and glad I can give back to the community by working here.

What is the best thing about your job? 

Jessica:  The people I have met along the way are the most rewarding and best part of my job. My coworkers are amazing and help me with the many questions I ask daily. This unit is a great place to learn and grow into a strong and knowledgeable nurse.

Danielle:  The best thing is the amazing group of people I work with!

What advice would you give other new nurses who are just starting their career?  

Jessica: Ask every question possible. Try not to be afraid of looking silly by asking questions, once I moved passed feeling embarrassed, I found I learned a lot more. Asking for explanations of things you don’t understand is the best way to learn and provide the best possible care for your patients.

Danielle:  The nursing field is so diverse and the learning possibilities are endless. As a novice nurse the first step is just putting yourself out there.