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Tuer-Hodes Family Nursing Recognition Award for Exceptional Care Nominees

May 05, 2023

The Tuer-Hodes & Family Nursing Recognition Award for Exceptional Care is awarded annually to a nurse within HPHA in recognition for his/her ongoing commitment to nursing practice and the provision of quality patient care.

The winner will be announced at our Nursing Week Event on May 12, 2023. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the announcement!

Congratulations to this year's nominees! We've included excerpts of their nominations below so you can get to know them a bit better!

Selina Fleming, RN, Clinical Educator, Alliance-Wide

Selina Fleming 

Selina is passionate about nursing and is dedicated to advancing nursing practice by providing education and support to new and seasoned nurses. Selina is one of our key clinical nurse educators who works tirelessly to create and deliver programs/courses to facilitate both new and seasoned nurses to become the best practitioners. Her wealth of knowledge is put to use delivering ongoing education on various topics, such as Electrolyte and Fluid review and Heart Rhythms. She presents these courses in a fun and informative environment, making learning engaging and enjoyable for the staff. 

Selina's passion for education has led her to act as a mentor for nurses completing their Master’s Degree in Nursing. Through her mentorship, Selina hopes to support academic development and help nurses develop their own expertise and confidence in their abilities. Selina is a role model for aspiring nurses seeking to take on advanced practice roles. 

Selina has been a member of the HPHA team since 2007.

Josie Lamondin, RPN, Medicine Unit- Stratford General Hospital

Josie Lamondin 

Josie’s colleagues describe her as a dedicated nurse who is always willing to lend a hand; she is approachable, professional and caring towards patients and their families/caregivers. She is known for her willingness to support new staff and students and is a valuable asset to the team. Josie is an active participant in the “Learning Skills” program, where she shares her knowledge and offers guidance to other staff to help them improve their skills.  

Josie demonstrates strong leadership skills by remaining calm and helpful in high-pressure situations. She knows how to make the atmosphere light and enjoyable, which helps her team to manage stress effectively. Josie's approachable demeanor and friendly nature create a welcoming atmosphere, making new staff members feel comfortable and valued. 

Josie has been a member of the HPHA team since 2022.

Aerin Martin, RN, Inpatient Unit - Clinton Public Hospital

Aerin Martin 

Aerin is known for outstanding nursing care and leadership. She is an invaluable resource to her colleagues; she stays up-to-date on skills and changes within the organization. She recently completed cross-training in the Emergency Department where she proved herself to be a valuable asset in any situation.

Aerin is kind and empathetic in nature; she builds relationships with her patients in order to better deliver the best possible care. Her positive attitude and willingness to help in any way possible make her a great addition to her team.

Moving forward, Aerin plans to challenge herself with new educational opportunities, including becoming a preceptor for nursing students. She hopes to share her clinical expertise and develop her leadership skills as she fosters new learning opportunities for the next generation.

Dana Pugh, RPN, Medicine Unit - Stratford General Hospital

Dana Pugh 

As a nurse, Dana is a true example of what it means to be caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the comfort and well-being of her patients. Dana’s warmth and empathy for her patients is reflected in her approach, putting her patients and their families/caregivers at ease. She understands that each patient has unique needs and strives to provide personalized care to meet those needs.  

Dana is always looking for ways to improve the quality of care for patients. She continuously seeks new opportunities to expand her skill set by taking advantage of learning opportunities and shares this knowledge with her peers on different nursing skills, such as feeding tubes, IV starts and medications and dressing changes. Her focus on understanding the “whys” of how things work enables her to provide excellent care that is grounded in evidence-based practice. Her willingness to help others and to share her expertise with others is a true reflection of her leadership qualities. 

In the next five years, Dana's goal is to advance her knowledge to work in the Emergency Department as an RPN. Her passion for nursing is an inspiration to her colleagues and a testament to the rewarding nature of the profession. 

Dana has been a member of the HPHA team since 2021.

Holly Trachsel, RN, Critical Care - Stratford General Hospital 

Holly Trachsel 

Holly is known for her commitment to continuous learning and taking advantage of any opportunities that may increase her skill set and knowledge.

Holly has taken on various roles throughout her nursing career, starting as an RPN and later bridging into the RN program and completing her critical care certificate. 

As a preceptor to nursing students and new staff, Holly is quick to share her knowledge and skills to help ensure the next generation of nurses are well-equipped to provide the same high-quality care she provides herself.

Holly is a reliable and professional nurse who consistently communicates her concerns with her team to provide the most effective and efficient care possible. She advocates for her patients to ensuring that they receive the best care possible. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Holly went above and beyond to provide emotional support to families who were unable to be at the bedside with their loved ones. She connected patients with their families virtually, even during times when the census was high, to allow them to see their loved ones during such a difficult time.

Holly has been a member of the HPHA team since 2007.