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Tuer-Hodes Family Interprofessional Practice Recognition Award for Exceptional Care Nominees

May 05, 2023

The Tuer-Hodes & Family Interprofessional Practice Recognition Award for Exceptional Care is awarded annually to an Interprofessional Practice Team member within HPHA in recognition for his/her ongoing commitment to interprofessional practice and the provision of quality patient care.

The winner will be announced at our Nursing Week Event on May 12, 2023. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the announcement!

Congratulations to this year's nominees! We've included excerpts of their nominations below so you can get to know them a bit better!

Ashley Kelly, Physiotherapist - Stratford General Hospital  

Ashley Kelly, Physiotherapist 

Ashley has demonstrated exceptional skills and commitment to her work. Her recent up-to-date knowledge from her Masters Degree in Physiotherapy has enabled her to complete thorough, concise and goal-focused assessments and treatment plans for her extensive caseload. She is approachable, friendly, optimistic, and compassionate towards everyone, striving to give every patient a chance to succeed.

In addition to her outstanding patient care, Ashley has made significant contributions to the development and improvement of the Physiotherapy Department. She has created a weekend/casual coverage quick reference binder, reviewed and revised physiotherapy documentation and supported the development of orientation checklists for new hires and PT documentation refresh. Ashley has also initiated a labeling system for gait aids and chairs on the Medicine Unit to improve organization and transfers of care between units.

Ashley has been a member of the HPHA team since 2021. 

Rachel Koot, Occupational Therapist - Clinton Public Hospital & Seaforth Community Hospital

Rachel Koot, Occupational Therapist 

Rachel's approach to patient care is patient-centred; she focuses on the patient and their goals as they progress through therapy and transition out of the hospital. She prioritizes the goals of the patients and their caregivers as she creates a treatment plan and encourages patients. She has a caring demeanour when she explains when or why a goal might not be realistic, which is one of the hardest conversations to have with a patient and their caregiver(s).

Rachel is a valuable member of the interdisciplinary team, working collaboratively with each discipline involved in patient care on the Inpatient Units to focus on the best interest of each patient.  

Rachel is a great leader and mentor to both new and existing staff. Rachel's knowledge and experience have also allowed her to be an active preceptor for Western Occupational Therapy students, translating her knowledge and experience to support their efficiency and level of care. 

Rachel has been a member of the HPHA team since 2020.  

Braden Le Souder, Registered Respiratory Therapist - Stratford General Hospital

Braden Le Souder, Respiratory Therapist 

Throughout Braden’s 10 year career at HPHA he has shown a friendly and professional attitude and has worked tirelessly to be a valued member of the Respiratory Therapy Department and the organization.

Braden's contributions have been crucial in advancing patient care policies and improving patient outcomes, especially during critical periods such as the surge of pediatric respiratory illness. He went the extra mile by educating Emergency Department staff on oxygen therapy during this surge. This education was provided through a "Doc Talks" seminar, which he prepared on his own time and presented on his day off with no compensation from the hospital. This education is still being utilized in Critical Care and the Emergency Departments today.

Additionally, Braden worked with the Surgical Services team and the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario to develop a standard work around Respiratory Therapists covering endoscopy for anaesthesia when HPHA was at a critically low number of available anaesthesiologists.  

Braden has taught and preceptor many students from the Fanshawe College Respiratory Therapy Program, oriented new hires throughout the pandemic and years prior, and provided education to other healthcare disciplines. 

Braden has been a member of the HPHA team since 2013.  

Emily Mills, Registered Dietitian - Stratford General Hospital 

Emily Mills, Dietitian 

Emily's exceptional work has made a significant impact on patient care and she is widely recognized throughout HPHA as approachable, knowledgeable and an instrumental member of the Clinical Nutrition team. 

Emily recognized the need for a new type of nutrition to be introduced into HPHA, called Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition (PPN), and worked tirelessly to introduce and implement this new initiative. She partnered with Surgical Services and Clinical Nurse Educators to implement this much-needed initiative, providing education to frontline teams and physicians on the importance of utilizing this type of nutrition for patients that require it. Emily's efforts have resulted in improved outcomes for patients and decreased length of stay, making a significant impact on patient care.

Emily's professionalism and collaborative style make her an exceptional role model for students, interns, fellow dietitians, and members of the interdisciplinary team. She attends interprofessional discharge rounds on multiple units, as well as rehab rounds on a regular basis. Emily informally acts as a leader in her ability to ask questions, offer input, and contribute to the collaboration of each patient. 

Emily has been a member of the HPHA team since 2016.  

Hiren Patel, Physiotherapist - Stratford General Hospital

Hiren Patel, Physiotherapist 

As a skilled and knowledgeable physiotherapist, Hiren has been an essential part of HPHA’s efforts to provide exceptional, evidence-based therapy to stroke patients. 

One of Hiren's strengths is his ability to collaborate effectively with interdisciplinary teams. He recognizes and respects the expertise of each member of the team, which has resulted in a holistic approach to patient care. Hiren has actively participated in discussions with the care team and with other centres to ensure patients receive the appropriate level of care and support, particularly, those with significant and life-altering deficits. 

Hiren's commitment to ongoing education and professional development in this field has enabled him to provide the highest quality care to patients. He has attended courses and seminars to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and best practices in stroke rehabilitation, and has shared this knowledge with colleagues and students alike. 

Hiren is actively engaged in mentoring and advising newer hires and student placements. He is always available for advice and assistance when needed, and has played an instrumental role in student placements from Western University to help future physiotherapists improve their knowledge.

Hiren has been a member of the HPHA team since 2019.