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Tuer-Hodes Family Nursing Recognition Award for Exceptional Care Nominees

May 07, 2024

The Tuer-Hodes & Family Nursing Recognition Award for Exceptional Care is awarded annually to a nurse within HPHA in recognition for his/her ongoing commitment to nursing practice and the provision of quality patient care.

Congratulations to this year's nominees! We've included excerpts of their nominations below so you can get to know them a bit better.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for the announcement of this year's winner! 

Samantha (Metelski) Flanagan, RN, Critical Care, Stratford General Hospital 

Samantha, RN 

Samantha's journey into Critical Care nursing during the COVID-19 pandemic showcases her unwavering dedication to patient-centred care. Joining the Critical Care team with enthusiasm, she quickly honed her assessment skills and engaged in unit improvement initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning. Samantha's positive and friendly demeanor fosters a supportive atmosphere on the unit, where she organizes social events to boost morale and camaraderie among colleagues. Her strong communication skills and advocacy for patients make her a respected leader within the team.

Beyond her role on the Critical Care Unit, Samantha actively contributes to professional development and community involvement. She plays a vital role in policy development and transformation initiatives, serving on the Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, and Anti-Racism (EID-AR) committee. Her commitment to advancing cultural competency is evident through her completion of Indigenous Cultural Competency training and her involvement in community outreach programs.

In addition to her professional commitments, Samantha participates in global health initiatives, volunteering with her alma mater and traveling to Honduras to provide mentorship and support to nursing students. Her multifaceted contributions to nursing, both within the HPHA and in the broader community, exemplify her commitment to excellence and compassionate care. Samantha’s tireless efforts and leadership serve as an inspiration to colleagues and patients alike, making her a valuable asset to the healthcare community.

Samantha has been a member of the HPHA team since 2019.

Janita Johns, RN, Charge Nurse, Surgical Services - Clinton Public Hospital

Janita, RN 

Janita is a dedicated healthcare professional, whose journey from medical/surgical and pre/post-anesthesia care nursing to leading the Surgical Services (Operating Room) process at our Clinton Public Hospital site reflects her fearless dedication and adaptability. Despite initial disorganization and staff turnover, Janita’s positive attitude and determination prevailed, as she played a vital role in transforming the Clinton Operating Room into a model of efficiency and consistency, earning praise for her calm leadership amidst challenges.

Her impact extends beyond Clinton, as Janita also excels in Surgical Services (day surgery, endoscopy, and recovery room) duties at our Stratford General Hospital site. Widely regarded as the go-to person for Operating Room matters, she provides consistent orientation and leadership, ensuring quality care for patients. Janita's commitment to improvement is evident in her pursuit of ongoing education and her collaborative approach to driving positive change with the entire team.

Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Janita's nomination for the Tuer-Hodes Family Nursing Recognition Award speaks volumes about her dedication to patient care. In her job-share role as Charge Nurse she navigates new challenges with grace, supported by her colleagues and various hospital departments. Janita's journey exemplifies the transformative power of dedication, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in healthcare.

Janita has been a member of the HPHA team since 2015.

Arlene Lanting, Manager Patient Care - St. Marys Memorial Hospital 

Arlene, RN 

Arlene's invaluable contributions to the clinical team ahead of our Accreditation survey showcase her exceptional clinical expertise and innovative communication strategies, seamlessly aligning with HPHA's Commitments to Our Communities. Her dedication to people-centered care is evident in her compassionate approach to patient advocacy and her ability to engage staff and leaders in process improvement initiatives. Arlene's calming presence and "can-do" attitude inspire confidence and build capacity within and across teams, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration.

In her role as Manager, Patient Care at our St. Marys Memorial Hospital and Clinical Lead for Accreditation since summer 2023, Arlene exemplifies strong nursing leadership, mentoring others with patience and understanding. She effectively communicates the "why" behind change initiatives, fostering curiosity, open communication, and trust among team members. Arlene's commitment to patient education and her desire to enhance HPHA's offerings post-accreditation underscores her dedication to the health and well-being of patients and caregivers.

Arlene's modesty belies her profound influence on those around her, as evidenced by her impactful presentation on person-centered care at a recent leadership day. With a career spanning frontline and leadership roles, Arlene's journey reflects a deep-seated commitment to empowering others and fostering growth and potential in every interaction. Her use of empowerment as a tool not only drives personal achievements but also cultivates lasting change and transformation within the healthcare community.

Arlene has been a member of the HPHA team since 2019.