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Tuer-Hodes Family Interprofessional Practice Recognition Award for Exceptional Care Nominees

May 07, 2024

The Tuer-Hodes & Family Interprofessional Practice Recognition Award for Exceptional Care is awarded annually to an Interprofessional Practice Team member within HPHA in recognition for his/her ongoing commitment to interprofessional practice and the provision of quality patient care.

Congratulations to this year's nominees! We've included excerpts of their nominations below so you can get to know them a bit better.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for the announcement of this year's winner!   

Marissa McKee, Registered Dietitian, Clinton Public Hospital & Stratford General Hospital 

Marissa, Registered Dietitian 

Marissa's dedication to patient care shines through her active participation in rounds and her willingness to collaborate with the interdisciplinary team to optimize patient health and well-being. Her expertise in her field is evident in the valuable input she provides, which is highly respected by her colleagues. Marissa's compassion and kindness make her approachable and easy to collaborate with, fostering a positive environment for teamwork and patient care.

As a passionate advocate for her profession, Marissa tirelessly educates nursing staff on strategies to support patients in administering and monitoring their insulin effectively. Her proactive approach extends to advocating for libre sensors when appropriate, ensuring patients have the necessary tools to manage their diabetes safely and independently. Marissa's commitment to patient-centred care is further demonstrated through her collaboration with occupational therapists to assess patients' needs and provide appropriate assistive devices, ultimately enhancing their independence and easing discharge planning.

Outside of work, Marissa's dedication to her community is evident through her volunteer work, including coaching her daughter's ringette and fastball teams. Her commitment to both her profession and her community exemplifies her passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others. Marissa's drive, professionalism, and compassion make her a role model for both her colleagues and aspiring dietitians alike.

Marissa has been a member of the HPHA team since 2014. 

Judy McMillan, Registered Dietitian, Clinton Public Hospital & Stratford General Hospital

Judy, Registered Dietitian 

Judy plays a vital role as a member of the interprofessional team on the Critical Care Unit, where her passion for nutrition and years of experience make her an invaluable asset. She actively contributes to advancing policy, procedure, and documentation within her College, ensuring that patients at HPHA receive the most up-to-date, evidence-based care. Judy's involvement in numerous process improvements, such as addressing gaps in no food by mouth (NPO) orders, peripheral parenteral nutrition (PPN) implementation, and medication administration, showcases her commitment to enhancing patient outcomes.

Known for her collaborative approach and positive demeanor, Judy is a team player who readily shares her expertise and works closely with colleagues to optimize patient care. Her leadership extends beyond her department, as she actively seeks opportunities to be involved in process improvements hospital-wide. Judy's dedication to staying informed about the latest research and best practices in nutrition care enhances the quality of care provided to patients at HPHA.

Judy's advocacy for optimal nutrition is evident in her daily interactions with patients, where she considers their individual needs, goals, and dignity. Her proactive approach to addressing nutrition challenges, such as advocating for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tubes and specialized nutrition interventions, significantly contributes to improving patient outcomes and reducing length of stay. Judy's commitment to continuous improvement and her collaborative spirit make her a valued colleague and an indispensable member of our healthcare team.

Judy has been a member of the HPHA team since 1989.

Lauren Upper, Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist, Alliance-Wide

Lauren, MLT 

Lauren's role as Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) for the HPHA Core Laboratories places her at the forefront of quality improvement initiatives, where her calm demeanor and problem-solving abilities have made her a leader in the field. She actively contributes to strengthening relationships between programs and developing new ways to meet objectives, showcasing her commitment to patient-centered care. Lauren's expertise extends beyond her technical skills as she excels in explaining complicated concepts in understandable terms and actively participates in quality initiatives to improve program objectives.

Known for her ability to remain objective in highly stressful situations, Lauren oversees the orientation of students and new staff, ensuring consistency in training and fostering confidence among team members. Her proficiency in Excel led to the development of electronic inventory programs and spreadsheets that ensure consistent results across HPHA. Lauren's creativity and dedication to empowering Medical Laboratory Assistants/Technicians to work to their full scope of practice have resulted in improved work-life balance and flexibility across multiple sites.

Lauren's contributions to the creation of HPHA's Massive Hemorrhage Protocol (MHP) were integral to ensuring severely bleeding patients receive timely and efficient care. Her meticulous planning and organizational skills streamlined processes, saving valuable time and ultimately improving patient outcomes. Lauren's involvement in initiatives such as the Medical Laboratory Professionals' Association of Ontario's recognition of lab professionals during the pandemic and the development of Stay and Learn grants highlight her commitment to advancing the profession and supporting local students in pursuing careers in medical laboratory technology.

Lauren has been a member of the HPHA team since 2017.