Rehabilitation is an active, coordinated process where people impacted by disease or injury work together with their health care team to regain their best level of independence.

Patients who are admitted to the Rehabilitation Inpatient Unit have identified specific goals to help regain or improve the abilities they may have lost following an illness or injury. Patients are cognitively and physically able to participate in this time-limited program that ranges from low to high rehabilitation intensity.

You will work with members of our multidisciplinary team, which consists of the Physician, Nurses, Personal Support Workers (PSW), Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologist, Rehabilitation Assistants, Social Worker, South West LHIN Home & Community Care Coordinator, Dietitian, Volunteers, Spiritual Care, Unit Clerks and you!

You should bring your own toiletries along with comfortable clothing and supportive, non-slip shoes to the hospital. Therapy staff will assess your equipment needs and let you know if you require any equipment from home.

Soon after admission, the South West LHIN Home and Community Care Coordinator and/or Social Worker will meet with you to discuss your treatment goals and how best to support you for discharge from the hospital. Together with you, your team will carefully consider your needs and abilities and an individualized treatment plan will be developed.

While in hospital, you will dress in regular clothes, enjoy lunch in a communal dining environment and are expected to do as much for yourself in the activities of daily living as your conditions will safely allow. You will also actively participate in a minimum of two to three hours of therapy per day, seven days per week.

Location: Seaforth Community Hospital: Inpatient Unit, Main Level

Contact Information: 519- 519-527-8404 Ext 4250 or 1-888-275-1102 ext. 4250