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A Community Treatment Order (CTO) is an order issued by a physician to support individuals with serious mental health disorders in receiving the care and treatment they need to remain in the community safely.

The Ontario Mental Health Act and the Health Care Consent Act govern the use of CTOs in Ontario. A CTO consists of a comprehensive Community Treatment Plan with specific expectations for the individual and their supports with regards to their psychiatric treatment.

In the event that an individual is unable to comply with their Community Treatment Plan, their physician can issue an Order for Examination (Form 47) to bring the individual to hospital for assessment, which is supported by Police Services.


As identified by the Ministry of Health an individual is eligible for a CTO if, during the previous three-year period, they have:
  • Been a patient in a psychiatric facility on two or more separate occasions or for a cumulative period of 30 days or more during that three year period OR
  • Been the subject of a previous Community Treatment Order
The individual’s physician must believe that if they do not receive this support, they are likely to cause serious bodily harm to themselves or others, suffer substantial mental or physical deterioration, or suffer serious physical impairment requiring further hospitalizations.

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