Mental Health

The Huron Perth Prevention & Early Intervention Program for Psychoses (PEPP) provides assessment and treatment planning for individuals 16-35 years of age who are displaying their first episode of psychosis, such as hallucinations, delusions, or disorganized thought, and who have either had no treatment or have been treated for less than six months.

Prevention & Early Intervention Program for Psychoses

Services Provided

  • Psychiatric consultation and treatment
  • Case management
  • Individual and group sessions
  • Family support and education
  • Medication monitoring
  • Community presentations and school-based presentations are also available to promote public awareness of early intervention for the treatment of psychosis


Mandatory Eligibility Criteria:
  • Age 16 to 35
  • Symptoms of psychosis or early psychosis 
  • Hallucinations (auditory, visual or other)
  • Delusions (paranoia, grandiosity, thought broadcasting and insertion, etc.) 
  • Disorganized thinking (feeling confused, thoughts are fast or slow, difficulty concentrating, or following a conversation)
  • No previous treatment received or 6 months or less treatment for psychosis
  • Resident of Huron or Perth County
Secondary Eligibility Criteria:
  • Negative symptoms (apathy, anhedonia, attention, etc.)
  • Mood (depressed euphoria, anxious, etc.)
  • Other (sleep, energy, harm to self or others, etc.)
Exclusion Criteria:

Individuals who meet any of the following criteria are not eligible for PEPP:

  • Anti-psychotic treatment for more than six months consistently 
  • Symptoms not clearly explained by an organic brain syndrome or other medical disorders
  • Diagnosis of Intellectual Developmental Disorder, neurological or other medical conditions associated with psychosis
  • Methamphetamine use in the past three (3) months



Referrals can be made by anyone including physicians, family, friends, self, schools, community workers and community programs.

PEPP Referral Form

Contact Information

Tel: 519-527-8421 ext. 4813 or Toll Free: 1-866-527-8421 ext. 4813

Fax: 519-527-8420

If you need someone to talk to, are struggling with your mental health or addiction, or need to be connected to mental health services please call the Huron Perth Helpline and Crisis Response Team at 1-888-829-7484.